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Dear Mrs. Palmeri,
I like our new read aloud, The True Story of Jack and The Beanstalk. Right now I am reading Junior genius Guides. I would have finished by now but the book is very boring, it is very boring because it does not at all relate to what we are learning, it is things we will learn in the future. I have also been reading a lot of Diary of a Wimpy Kids. I have finished Guinea Dog, I might read Guinea Dog two if I get to it. I like the part when Rufus starts to notice Fido is acting like a dog, llike when Fido Plays fetch with Rufus. This is when I relized Fido is more than just a Guinea Pig, He is a Guinea Dog!!!!

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Ok, time to get down to business! We really need to start making this wiki work for us.

You have two choices-

Each week you must log on to this wiki and write a response about what you are reading.

You may also choose to do this one week, and the second week log into your RAZ account and read and complete a meaningful activity.

At the end of two weeks, I will check to see if you have done TWO wiki responses ore ONE response and ONE RAZ log in. If you don't complete these, you will get an oops note.

Here is a sample about our current read aloud

I am glad to finally be starting our new read aloud "Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk". I will admit that I wasn't sure if this was one of the MCBAs that I really wanted to read. But so far, I'm kind of digging it! Based on what we've read so far, I feel kind of bad for the main character Jack. The author shows us many places where Jack's mom shows/says that she doesn't like Jack. This makes me as the reader sympathize with Jack. I think everyone's mom should love them no matter what. We also start to see and here that Jack is a bit of troublemaker, Maybe his mom finds him exhausting and frustrating! But in the part that she just finished, the mom actually defending him when he was accused of stealing the cabbages. I wonder if Jack's mom will feel differently by the end of the story (especially if he becomes a giant defeating hero)

What have you been reading?

Your friend,

Mrs. P

September 20, 2017

Dear Room 7,

I’m very excited to hear all your thoughts about what you’re reading on your individual wiki pages. I’ve really enjoyed all your enthusiasm about Silverwing. Even though this is my twelfth time reading it, I still get really excited about sharing it every year. *The genre of this book is definitely fantasy since I don’t believe that bats and owls have wars or detailed adventures together. I also consider this to be a genre of my own invention- called Animal Adventure. I love the character Shade; he’s one of my all-time favorites. *If I could talk to Shade, I would ask him if he thinks it was worth it to break the law and see the sun, especially after what happens to his colony as a result.

Your friend in reading,

Mrs. Palmieri J

Dear Mrs. Palmieri

I am now reading another MCBA. It is Romeo and Juliet.
I have not started yet because I am still reading the Witches Boy.
I am almost finished with it.

Sincerely, (Sorry It was so short I had a hard time trying to figure out what to type)


Dear Mrs. Palmieri,

I am still reading The Witches Boy I am almost done. The author got me interested when I found out the sons mom has magical powers.
And I also stopped reading the Fourteenth Goldfish and the Mystery on Pine Lake because I thought they were not very interesting. And also the Witches Boy is my last MCBA. I like Sophias War because it has lots of drama. Like when Sophia found out that Benedict Arnold is a trader! Sincerely, Michael

January 17, 2017

Dear Team 7,

Good Job getting started doing wiki and RAZ.

Remember on your wiki-

  1. Please write like its a letter- Date, Greeting, Body, Closing, Signature

  2. Make sure to write about one book only (unless you are writing multiple paragraphs

  3. YOU MUST use sentence leads from the pink sheet in your response. These will help me see your thinking about what you are reading.

Use your time wisely during Reading block and you'll be able to get these done at school!


Mrs. P

Dear Mrs. P,
At my house i am reading the Witches Boy. I dont really get it but you said to read a through a book even if you dont like it so i am going to read the rest of the pages.

SINCERELY, (I may of spelt sincerely wrong)

January 4, 2017

Hi Mike,

Happy New Year!

So I know you've been kind of dragging through The Fourteenth Goldfish for awhile- like since September :) And I know you need to read one more MCBA. Is is time to give up that book up, or sometimes it feels good to power through and finish it even if you don't love it! I know that you also picked up the
Mystery on Pine Lake. How do you like that so far?

Have you been enjoying our read aloud of Sophia's War? *I've noticed that the author Avi gave us a lot of background information in Part 1 of the book so that we would better understand this big adventure that Sophia is going to undertake in Part 2. Can't believe we are more then halfway done with it! Sophia has entered dangerous territory as she is now working at the Kennedy House, which is the headquarters for the British. It's kind of crazy that she is actually cleaning Major Andre's office and reading his secret papers! Who do you think the mysterious Mr. Moore is and what does it have to do with West Point?

Talk to you soon,
Mrs. P

Dear Mrs.P
I am reading the fourteenth goldfish. The author got me interested when he wrote that the characters grandfather looked like he's 12. In the fourteenth goldfish the grandfather is a scientist. I predict that the grandfather is going to make some sort of drink that makes him look his age.


Michael R.

Nov. 29, 2016

Dear Room 7 student,

I am glad that I am reading Sophia's War__ out loud to you. I enjoyed reading it this summer and think it is making a great read aloud, It is a challenging book, with many old fashioned and difficult words so I think this may have been challenging for many of you to read on your own.

*The author Avi got me really interested when he ended Part One of the book with Sophia ready to seek revenge for the death of her brother William. I have been giving you some hints about what might happen. I will tell you that working at the print shop is key to what Sophia will do next and how she will get even with John Andre, whom she blames for not helping her brother.**If I could talk to Sophia, I would ask her if she is afraid to go after Andre.

What do think will happen next?

Talk to you soon,
Mrs. P:)

Dear Room 7 member-

You and write will write back and forth to each other about what we have been reading.
I will ask you questions that you can answer, and you can ask me questions too.

Make sure to always write about ONE book and to use SENTENCE LEADS to help you with
your thinking.

Your friend,
Mrs. P