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the Nest
The guy who wrote
silver wing.
Two days ago


The Jumble's
Left at school


Stella by StarLight
Sharon M. Draper


The Truth of Me
Returned to the library
Finished in late July


Fish in a Tree
Lynda M. Hunt
Finished two weeks


Low Riders in space
Returned to class room
Finished 4 weeks ago


Full Cicada Moon
Marilyn Hilton
Finishes in July!


Took out of class library
4 weeks ago
Science Comics
Coral Reefs
Maris Wicks
2 weeks ago
THe Green Glass House

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Hi, Mrs. Palmieri,
No, I did not read Poached, but think the theme of it sounds cool. I might read it after I finish all 25 MCBA's. Did you like it? A few weeks ago started the Screaming Stair Case. To be honest I really am not enjoying it. I have not read much because, I have books I like reading much more at home. I got it as a book on tape and will listen to that. I have been reading a lot of guide books lately and I REALLY enjoy them. Emily said Chomp was good so I might read that. Happy Ground Hog day from Hope!

January 31, 2018

Hi Hope-

I'm so glad to hear that you loved Space Case. I read it this past summer. Did you read Poached last year? Of the two books both by Stuart Gibbs, I would say that I liked Poached better. This might be because I don't really like space things (like I have no interest in going to space or living on the moon) but I did find it cook that Teddy lived at a zoo in the other book.

I like your observation about why Stuart Gibbs may have written this book and I think you're on to something. It would be interesting to look into him and see if he has some dedication to the environment. It was a clever (and sad) thing for him to include that part about the disappearing Amazon. But I think he also shows how important it is to treat animals in the Fun Jungle series.

Do you think you'd like to read other books with environmental themes? I would encourage you to check out books by Carl Hiassen. (Hoot, Scat, Flush, and Chomp)

Talk to you soon,
Mrs. P:)

Hi Mrs. Palmieri, I finished Space Case on Friday and really loved it. To summarize it I would call it a fast paced mystery with lots of twists and turns in the plot. This book helped me to see how a writer could make the plot of a story be on the moon. I think the author wrote this book to provide entertainment for people. I also think they may have wanted people to stop causing environmental threats. (It takes place 20ish years in the future.) I think this because they were talking about the Amazon forest and then they said ,"At least what is left of it." They make a few other remarks that lead me to think that the auther did not think the earth had a bright future. In this story there are very few gallons of water on earth so they for, example don't flush with water , that would be a waste to the people in this story. Compared to other MCBA's I think this one of my favorites. I'd like to read another book by this author because they really made me want to know what happend next in the story.
-Hope (Please give me more boxes in the book log).

I am reading Space Case right now. I have read 21 MCBA books.
Just from looking at the title of this book I thought it would be a mystery. It is. After reading the beginning I think that it is a good book that could be one of my favorites. There is one part of the book that I like and dislike. Sometimes I like when they say something that they understand and I don't understand. I don't understand it because they live 20 years in the future. Sometimes I dislike this becuase I read it over and over and still do not get it. The setting in this story is really really importent because it is the moon. I predict that the person who died was murdered because if that is not the case the book would slowly become boring. Most books take place on Earth , this book dose not making it more fun to read for some people. (I did enjoy the Green Glass House) I really enjoy reading this book because it has a funny side to it. In the end I recommend this book to anyone 8 and up who likes space and fast pace books.

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Ok, time to get down to business! We really need to start making this wiki work for us.

You have two choices-

Each week you must log on to this wiki and write a response about what you are reading.

You may also choose to do this one week, and the second week log into your RAZ account and read and complete a meaningful activity.

At the end of two weeks, I will check to see if you have done TWO wiki responses ore ONE response and ONE RAZ log in. If you don't complete these, you will get an oops note.

Here is a sample about our current read aloud

I am glad to finally be starting our new read aloud "Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk". I will admit that I wasn't sure if this was one of the MCBAs that I really wanted to read. But so far, I'm kind of digging it! Based on what we've read so far, I feel kind of bad for the main character Jack. The author shows us many places where Jack's mom shows/says that she doesn't like Jack. This makes me as the reader sympathize with Jack. I think everyone's mom should love them no matter what. We also start to see and here that Jack is a bit of troublemaker, Maybe his mom finds him exhausting and frustrating! But in the part that she just finished, the mom actually defending him when he was accused of stealing the cabbages. I wonder if Jack's mom will feel differently by the end of the story (especially if he becomes a giant defeating hero)

What have you been reading?

Your friend,

Mrs. P

I have read 16 of the MCBAs,9 more to read. I am reading Jack,The true story of JACK & The Beanstalk. I just finished nuts to you. (Not that good in my) What is better Green Glass House or the war that saved my life.

September 20, 2017
Dear Hope-

I am so excited to be sharing Silverwing with you this year as a [[#|read aloud]]. This is definitely one of my all time favorite books, which is probably why I can’t imagine starting a [[#|school year]] without sharing it with my class. *The genre of [[#|this book]] is definitely fantasy since I don’t believe that bats and owls have wars or detailed adventures together. I also consider this to be a genre of my own invention- called [[#|Animal Adventure]]. I love the character Shade; he’s one of my all time favorites. *If I could talk to Shade, I would ask him if he thinks it was worth it to break the law and see the sun, especially after what happens to his colony as a result. What do you think of Silverwing so far?

Your friend in reading,

Mrs. Palmieri J