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belly up
Stuart g.









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The Capture
Kathryn Lasky


Brian Jacques



I have no idea how belly up will end, but there is lots of twists and unexpected turns

I am exited to how jack ends I read part of it but I only just got over halfway.
It would also be nice to get some more suggestions, 2 books I really liked was seventh most important thing and the Candymakers.

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Ok, time to get down to business! We really need to start making this wiki work for us.

You have two choices-

Each week you must log on to this wiki and write a response about what you are reading.

You may also choose to do this one week, and the second week log into your RAZ account and read and complete a meaningful activity.

At the end of two weeks, I will check to see if you have done TWO wiki responses ore ONE response and ONE RAZ log in. If you don't complete these, you will get an oops note.

Here is a sample about our current read aloud

I am glad to finally be starting our new read aloud "Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk". I will admit that I wasn't sure if this was one of the MCBAs that I really wanted to read. But so far, I'm kind of digging it! Based on what we've read so far, I feel kind of bad for the main character Jack. The author shows us many places where Jack's mom shows/says that she doesn't like Jack. This makes me as the reader sympathize with Jack. I think everyone's mom should love them no matter what. We also start to see and here that Jack is a bit of troublemaker, Maybe his mom finds him exhausting and frustrating! But in the part that she just finished, the mom actually defending him when he was accused of stealing the cabbages. I wonder if Jack's mom will feel differently by the end of the story (especially if he becomes a giant defeating hero)

What have you been reading?

Your friend,

Mrs. P

September 20, 2017

Dear Room 7,

I’m very excited to hear all your thoughts about what you’re reading on your individual wiki pages. I’ve really enjoyed all your enthusiasm about Silverwing. Even though this is my twelfth time reading it, I still get really excited about sharing it every year. *The genre of this book is definitely fantasy since I don’t believe that bats and owls have wars or detailed adventures together. I also consider this to be a genre of my own invention- called Animal Adventure. I love the character Shade; he’s one of my all-time favorites. *If I could talk to Shade, I would ask him if he thinks it was worth it to break the law and see the sun, especially after what happens to his colony as a result.

Your friend in reading,

Mrs. Palmieri J

Feb. 6, 2016
Hi Ben,

I know that my students last year were very into the Wings of Fire series- but to be honest I don't think I know a lot about it! Maybe you could tell me some more details about the plot, characters etc. Do you have a favorite character?

I would be happy to recommend some other fantasy series to you.

Another animal fantasy that you might love is Guardians of Ga'Hoole- book one is called The Capture.
Where Wings of Fire has dragons, this series has owls! If you're looking for something more challenging and complicated you can check out Redwall byBrian Jacques. This series which has mice, and voles, badgers and all sorts of creatures at war with each other. No joke- I think there are like 40 books in this series!

Talk to you soon,
Mrs. P

January 18,2017
Dear coach

I predict that the main character is in a lot of trouble because the dragons just killed Queen scarlet in the skywing kingdom
and the seawing just killed her own father without knowing that it was even her father this series is really good maybe you
could recommend another series like it or another good series Remember I like fantasy

January 17, 2017

Dear Team 7,

Good Job getting started doing wiki and RAZ.

Remember on your wiki-

  1. Please write like its a letter- Date, Greeting, Body, Closing, Signature

  2. Make sure to write about one book only (unless you are writing multiple paragraphs

  3. YOU MUST use sentence leads from the pink sheet in your response. These will help me see your thinking about what you are reading.

Use your time wisely during Reading block and you'll be able to get these done at school!


Mrs. P

I realy like fantasy books maybe you could reccomend some to me oh yeah my dad just finished the first land of stories and he dosn't like fantasy books that much but he said he loved the book maybyou could read it too. :-) :-) .

Hi Ben,
I haven't read any of the Land of Stories books but one of the books was on the MCBA list last year (or the year before) and it was really popular with kids. I also know that the author, Chris Colfer, is an actor from a show I liked called "Glee". Do you enjoy these kinds of complicated fantasy books? I would love to recommend a few more books that you might like.

DId you end up starting Among the Hidden, the first book in the Shadow Children series?

Talk tou you soon,
Mrs. P

I just finished reading the land of stories book. I would recomend it to you because it is a good book I would like to know What happens When two kids named alex and conner fall through a book and end up into the fairy tale world anyway I have also been reading the land of stories 2 Who knew mother goose was mona lisa.alex and conner also fell trouhg a painting that led to a pond in the fairy tale world.

Nov. 29, 2016

Dear Room 7 student,

I am glad that I am reading Sophia's War__ out loud to you. I enjoyed reading it this summer and think it is making a great read aloud, It is a challenging book, with many old fashioned and difficult words so I think this may have been challenging for many of you to read on your own.

*The author Avi got me really interested when he ended Part One of the book with Sophia ready to seek revenge for the death of her brother William. I have been giving you some hints about what might happen. I will tell you that working at the print shop is key to what Sophia will do next and how she will get even with John Andre, whom she blames for not helping her brother.**If I could talk to Sophia, I would ask her if she is afraid to go after Andre.

What do think will happen next?

Talk to you soon,
Mrs. P:)

Dear Room 7 member-

You and write will write back and forth to each other about what we have been reading.
I will ask you questions that you can answer, and you can ask me questions too.

Make sure to always write about ONE book and to use SENTENCE LEADS to help you with
your thinking.

Your friend,
Mrs. P