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I survived the shark attacts of 1916
Lauren Tarshis
September 9th 2014


Dewey The Library Cat
Vicki Myron and Bret Witter


Kenneth Oppel
Read Aloud
October 2014


Dumpling Days
Grace Lin
October 19th 2014


The Books Of Elsewhere
Jacqueline West
November 13th 2014


The Ghost of Fossil Glen
Cynthia Deflice
December 9th, 2014
The Young Man and the Sea
Rodman Philbrick
December 8th, 2014

Tortilla Sun
Jennifer Cervantes

Doll Bones
Holly Black
March 4th, 2015

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Hi Audrey,

Right now I am reading The City Of Ember for guided reading. So far it is good. Its about a city called ember and its always dark. Theirs a lot of black outs. You may think of a black like a power outage; its dark but you can still see. But a blackout is so dark, it looks like your closing your eyes! They are trying to figure out a way to save the electricity and not have anymore black outs. The main characters are Doon Harrows and Lina Mayfleet. Another book I am reading is The Hunger Games. I just started so theirs not a lot to say about it. Katniss Everdeen and her sister Primrose Everdeen live with their mother in Penem. In Penem they have 12 districts. Katniss and her sister live in district 12. Every year people from ages 12-18 have their names put in a bowl and picked for the hunger games. 1 girl and 1 boy is picked from each district. When your 12 you get put in once, 13 twice, and so on. Primrose gets picked so Katniss takes her place. The boy that was picked is named Peeta Melark. I haven't gotten any further, but I'm excited to find out what will happen next. Do you have any book that you are reading besides your guided reading book?

Your friend,
Caitlin :)

Dear Mrs.Palmieri,

Yes, I do think Laurie is bratty and yes Bud is annoying. Also I think they will change through the story. The guided reading book A Million Ways Home is awesome although the beginning was a little sad because that poor little girl who was crying. Ex." I didn't know how to make the little girl stop crying." I do like Tuckernuck though.

Your friend,

Hi Audrey-

I can't believe how fast this school year is flying! I am so glad that we read Tortilla Sun too, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. It reminded me how fun it can be to read a book out loud "cold"- like I have never read it before so I get to ask questions and make predictions right along with you guys. *I'd like to read another book by this author, Jennifer Cervantes,because I enjoyed the beautiful imagery she created when she described the village with such beautiful colors. On page 22 she describes Albuquerque from the airplane- "it looked like brown sandpaper stretched between a giant mountain in the east and a long green ribbon of trees in the west. The river beyond the valley curled back and forth across the landscape as if it were looking for a place to rest." That's one of the many beautiful descriptions I enjoyed.

I'm glad that we made the decision to read another MCBA. I like Tuckernuck so far. I wouldn't say I love it, yet. It's hard when a book doesn't grab you right away. I know many students have mentioned that this book is kind of hard to follow- and I agree. This might be another good reason that we are reading it together so that we can talk about and think about everything that is going on and help each other to understannd. Actually, I think one of the parts I'm struggling with most in the book are the main characters. When I read a book, I tend to like something about the main character right away- Ex. I love Shade and Marina.
In Tuckernuck, I like and feel sympathetic to Bud; his mom is gone, dad seems intense, and other kids seem to think he's kiss up. But Laurie, I just don't like her. I feel like she acts bratty like on page 40 where she says, "Sorry Bud no dice. I found it, okay? All you did was act like a klutz. This paper means treasure, and sorry, I'm not giving it up."

Do you this Laurie is bratty? Do you think Bud is annoying? Do you think they will change through this story?

I would love to hear about your guided reading book or other books you are reading too.

I would especially like it if you could find a quote like I did above to back up your ideas.

Your friend,
Mrs. P:)

Dec. 16, 2014

Dear Mrs. P,

I actually am enjoying Tortilla Sun so much I got my own copy from the library. I am really enjoying hearing you read Tortilla Sun, my favorite character is Izzy.

November 30, 2014

Dear Audrey,

I do like fantasy books. When I was your age, I didn't really enjoy this genre and I preferred to read non fiction or maybe some historical fiction. When I became a teacher, I discovered that I really enjoyed fantasy books. The first one that I really loved was Harry Potter- I'm sure you've heard of it :) I just loved how it was our real world, but just off of it is this whole other reality that we as muggles don't see. After Harry Potter, I was a lot more excited about reading other fantasy books. The Book of Elsewhere seems to be a very popular book among the students in our class. The fact that it has talking paintings actually remind me of Harry Potter. Do you think you'll read more books in The Book of Elsewhere series?

One of the other MCBAs I read this summer was Capture the Flag. This story captured my attention right away as I have been to see the flag that they were describing being stolen. The real "Star Spangled Banner" is famous for surviving the War of 1812 and can now be seen at a very cool exhibit at the American History Museum (Smithsonian) in Washington D.C. One thing I really like about this book was how it started out with a lot of action and adventure and pulled you as a the reader right in. One thing I would have changed about the story was that it was slow in the middle and I had to push myself to stay interested and to finish it. I assumed that the author would make this into a series and I was interested to find her next two books are called Hide and Seek and Manhunt. I like that her book titles seem to match with games that kids like to play- clever. This book reminded me of several other series where kids work together to have some awesome adventures- like Chasing Vermeer and I.Q.** Both books involve stolen famous artifacts or artwork, and if you like creative adventures with kids trying to solve the mysteries you would probably like these books too.

Talk to you soon,
Mrs. Palmieri

November 25, 2014
Dear Mrs.P
I was wondering what kinds of books do you like. Since you have suggested so many GREAT books for me, I wanted to recommend some books I think you would like. Also I was wondering do you like fantasy books because that's my favorite type of books. A really good book I've read that I think you might like is The Books of Elsewhere, now that was a good book. I think you would like The Books of Elsewhere because it is very fantasy because there are talking cats and magical paintings.
Your friend, Audrey

November 24, 2014

Dear Mrs. P,
I'm so glad you picked Young Man and the Sea it's a GREAT book so far! I'm really enjoying it. Also The Ghost of Fossil Glen is super awesome. Oh and I just want to thank you for finding such great books for me.

November 21, 2014
Hi Audrey

You've been doing such a great job reading and I can't wait to hear about some of your favorites (or not so favorites) of all the books that you've been reading.

Right now I am slowly reading The Mark of Athena. I really enjoy Rick Riordan's books (The Lightning Thief, Lost Hero, etc.) I have always LOVED Greek Mythology and was excited to discover a series that included it in modern day situations. I say I am slowly reading as I find myself dozing off at night and also that I'm getting a little bored with the series. I typically love books that are in a series (do you like books in a series?) because I like to have characters that I'm familiar with and can get to know over a series of books. Sometimes I think authors who write very popular series (like J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter) start to write books that get too long and maybe could stand to be edited/revised to make them a more concise story.
The Mark of Athena feels like it's just a recycled version of his other books. Demi god kids having adventures, fighting monsters, trying to solve some giant quest or task by the end of the book. I dislike these parts of the book because I feel like I'm bored of the same thing happening over and over again. I've been told by other kids that I should stick with this book and the rest of the series, and I probably will. I just feel a little stuck right now.

Talk to you soon,
Mrs. P.

Dear Mrs.Palmieri
Silverwing is a great book so far.I'm so glad you are sharing this book with us. I'll probably read Sunwing and Darkwing. Although I have one question about Silverwing. In Silverwing why does Shade always do things he's not supossed to do?

September 1, 2014
Dear Audrey,

I am so excited to be sharing Silverwing with you this year as a read aloud. This is definitely one of my all time favorite books, which is probably why I can’t imagine starting a school year without sharing it with my class. *The genre of this book is definitely fantasy since I don’t believe that bats and owls have wars or detailed adventures together. I also consider this to be a genre of my own invention- called Animal Adventure. I love the character Shade; he’s one of my all time favorites. *If I could talk to Shade, I would ask him if he thinks it was worth it to break the law and see the sun, especially after what happens to his colony as a result. What do you think of Silverwing so far?

Your friend in reading,

Mrs. Palmieri J