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Silverwing & Sunwing
K. Oppel


Kathryn Erskine


The World According To Humphrey
Betty G. Birney


Friendship According To Humphrey
Betty G. Birney


Janitor's Boy
Andrew Clements


Make Way For Dyamonde Daniel
Nikki Grimes


Golden Ghost
Marion Dane Bauner


Terrier In The Tinsel
Ben M. Baglio



No Talking
Andrew Clements


The Schwa Was Here
(Content Currently Unavailable)



February 6, 2013
Dear Ms. Sellers,

I have not read book with that kind of format. I haven't read Because Of Mr. Terupt yet so that book sounds fine to me. My book talk is on Thursday, February 7, 2013. You already know that my book is Terrier In The Tinsel. I have a question. Where can I find an MCBA list? I kind of need one. Then I would know what you could read after Sunwing. The MCBA books I have read for this school year are: Touchblue, Make Way For Dyamonde Daniel, Mockingbird, Shoot Out, Golden Ghost, My Life As A Book, and Guinea Dog. I have read No Talking by Andrew Clements several days ago. I think the genre of this book is realistic fiction because there is a possibility that it will happen. It was a very interesting book. I think MANY readers enjoy Andrew Clements' books. All of the book covers of the stories all (not actually "all") have something in common. They are all holding something like in Frindle, they are holding a pen. In The Report Card they are holding a report card with mad teachers in the background.

Your student in 5th grade,

January 27, 2013
Dear Akihiro,

I'm curious about what book you might want me to read after Sunwing. I would like to read an MCBA. Is there one that you haven't read that you would particularly like to hear? One of the ones I was thinking of doing was Because of Mr. Terupt. This was probably one of the favorites I read over the summer. The book is about a fifth grade class, maybe a little like ours. I made a text to text connection between this book and another favorite old MCBA called Flying Solo. Both of these books are setup the same way so that every chapter is told from the point of view of a different character. I like this setup because it lets you as the reader know what the different characters are feeling. Sometimes I find this format hard to follow too as you have to keep track of a lot of different characters instead of just a couple.

Have you ever read a book with this kind of format?

Your friend in reading,
Ms. Sellers

January 14, 2013
Dear Ms. Sellers,
I have been reading Terrier In The Tinsel for the Book talk.The main characters are Mandy and James.*I think the genre of this book is realistic fiction because it's something that could happen. In this book, the time is winter vacation and it's almost Christmas.The story takes place in the hospital, the vet, and their house.There is something I think is called Santaland, for the people in the hospital and there is a patient named Charlie. He has bronchitis and is about to leave the hospital soon so he helps set up Santaland with Mandy, James, and their grandparents. Bronchitis is from asthma.

December 20, 2012

Dear Ms. Sellers,

for guided reading, I'm reading "The Janitor's Boy" ( as you may know). So far, Jack gave his note from Mr. Ackerby to his mom. He got in trouble from putting the gum onto the desk. *I think the genre of this book is realsic fiction*. Now about Jack. He is pretty sneaky putting the gum onto the desk, but when he was caught, he became nervous about what is going to happen. Here is some evidence from text that he was nervous. "As if in fog, Jack got up from his desk and walked through the silent room, his face chalky white, his mouth dry." I think Andrew Clements is a reader's favorite author.

On winter vacation, I'll read "Trouble According to Humphrey." It's the third book in the series. *The genre of the book would be realistic "ish" fiction ( I know I had that in the letter in November) because animals can't talk but in the book, he knows ( Humphrey) that if he says something, it would turn out to be squeaks and the reader knows what he is saying.* The main character is Humphrey and some character traits would be intelligent, clever, cooperative, and polite (and rarely rude).

Your student, Akihiro

Dear member of Room 7,
I can’t believe that it’s already December and that we are halfway done with our second read aloud of Sunwing. You know I love these stories and love the characters- even Goth sometimes! I think the author Kenneth Oppel does a terrific job making you as the reader know the characters really well. We’ve talked a lot about how Shade is impulsive, and that he often “leaps, then looks” which causes many problems for him and others through the stories. One place where we see him do this is most recently in Sunwing. On page 164, “From behind him came a sudden and intense flash of light, and for a split second it was as if the night had become day. “Don’t look back,” Caliban snapped. Shade looked.” This is such a perfect example of Shade. We can all imagine how hard it is not to do something when someone tells you directly not to do it- but I would think that Shade would’ve been so scared at all that he had been through and would be afraid to see what terrible things would be behind him that he wouldn’t look as Caliban told him to. Shade however has a hard time following rules, and thinking things through. Although, I think we can already see signs that Shade is “growing up” in this second story.

Over vacation, I’m getting ready to read the third book in a Sci Fi series that I’ve really enjoyed. This book is called Reached and it’s written by Ally Condie. The reason I am planning on reading it is that I’ve asked Santa to bring it for Christmas, and there’s nothing I enjoy more on Winter Vacation than curling up with a great new book. There are three main characters in this series- Cassia (the main girl), Ky and Xander. ***The genre of this book is definitely Sci Fi as this book takes place in the future where the government- called “The Society”- gets to make a lot of decisions for you. They pick a job for you, and they even recommend who you should marry. You don’t have to marry that person, but they “match” you with the perfect person. (The first book in the series was called Matched.)They also tell you that you may only keep a certain amount of special items or artifacts- and paper is a very special thing which most people are not supposed to have.
Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been reading about- write you back after vacation!
Ms. SellersJ


November 13, 2012

Dear Ms. Sellers,

I have been reading ''The World According to Humhrey'', by Betty G. Birney. I'm on the chapter ''The Art of Self-Sefense''. *The title of this book says to me that it is a book about a hamster that has an adventure of some sort.*The genre of this book is adventure, fiction-ish, and realistic fiction because it's about a hamster and when he speaks, he squeaks.

Your student,

Akihiro ^_^

September 26, 2012
Dear Room 7,
I’m very excited to hear all your thoughts about what you’re reading on your individual wiki pages. I’ve really enjoyed all your enthusiasm about Silverwing. Even though this is my thirteenth time reading it, I still get really excited about sharing it every year. *The genre of this book is definitely fantasy since I don’t believe that bats and owls have wars or detailed adventures together. I also consider this to be a genre of my own invention- called Animal Adventure. I love the character Shade; he’s one of my all-time favorites. *If I could talk to Shade, I would ask him if he thinks it was worth it to break the law and see the sun, especially after what happens to his colony as a result.

Your friend in reading,
Ms. Sellers:)