First Term Literary Letter Rubric
“E” Exceeding Literary Letters · Consistent correct letter format- date, greeting, body, closing, signature
  • Two leads are used and identified (highlighted, starred, etc.)
  • Two + paragraphs are written with a clear focus, organization, and excellent relevant details
  • Paragraphs contain excellent detail and reflection ALL THINGS ABOVE + Letters are posted on time, early, and/or multiple reflections are posted within a two week period
“M” Meeting Literary Letters· Correct letter format - date, greeting, body, closing, signature
  • Paragraphs contain all capital letters, punctuation, complete ideas, and complete sentences
  • Paragraph contains proper format with good detail and reflection
  • One sentence lead is used and identified
  • One paragraph (contains clear main idea) with a clear focus, organization, and good relevant details
  • Letters are easy to read and understand Letters are posted on time
“P” Progressing Literary Letters · Mostly correct letter format- may be missing date, or greeting, closing, may not be “signed” (or done inconsistently)
  • Lacks capital letters, complete ideas, may contain run-ons or fragments
    • Sentence leads are used sometimes but not in every letter
    • Paragraphs are very brief
    • Paragraph summarizes OR does not state & explain the writer’s opinion or is disorganizedLetters are not consistently posted on time

“B” Beginning Literary Letters
Incorrect letter format
Reminders must be given for letters to be written and posted
No sentence leads are used
Letters summarize rather than reflect
No clear paragraph OR paragraph/s do not have one main idea.
Letters are hard to read/understand
  • Letters are not consistently posted on time