Dear Class,
This year, we will be writing letters to each other about books, reading, writers and writing. Through our letters, we will learn about various books, genres, authors and specific techniques used in writing. These letters will help all of us become thoughtful readers and writers.
When you write on our wiki, do your best work and share your best thinking. Some writers will do a handwritten draft first. Others will type on a word document and cut and paste it here. Remember to hit "Save" often! All of us can use the following ideas:

*Tell what you like or dislike about a book and WHY
*Tell about parts of the book that puzzled you or made you ask questions
*Tell what you noticed about characters, such as what made them act as they did or how did they change
*Make predictions and later explain if you were correct or not
*Tell about what surprised you or what you found interesting
*Tell about the connections you made while reading the book, especially if it reminds you of yourself or people you know, or something that has happened in your life. You might also connect to other books you have read, especially the characters, events or setting.
*Tell the theme of your book or ask for help in figuring out the meaning
To help you get started, you have a list of sentence leads to choose from and that list is also posted here. You MUST use 1 or 2 leads per letter and star them at the beginning. The stars show me what lead you chose and they will help you vary your responses and your thinking. This term you will write at least a ONE PARAGRAPH** letter about every two weeks. Make sure you use letter format (date, greeting, body, closing, name) and make sure to include the underlined title and author of the book. Read over you letter to make sure it says all you want it to say. Ask an adult to help you proofread your letter for spelling and grammar. When I read your wiki post, I will learn from you and together we will learn about books. This is going to be fabulous!

Your friend in reading, Ms. Sellers:)