Hello Room 7,
This wiki will be one of the ways that our class will discuss what we are reading.

Each member of our class is assigned a week that their "Literary Letter" is due. You will be assigned as a Week 1 or Week 2 person.

When it is your week, it is expected that you will submit a letter of at least one paragraph, and using at least two sentence leads.
You have a copy of the sentence leads in the Language Arts section of your binder, but I have also posted a copy here under
"Sentence Leads". Using these Sentence Leads in your letters will help you be a more reflective reader and writer.

When you use a Sentence Lead, please "show" me in some way where it is in the paragraph. You may put in front of
the sentence, underline in it, or perhaps put it in a different color.

On your "off" week you must join in on a discussion. You must post at least one response to the discussion tab on the "Home" page (where Snoopy is) each week. It will be considered extra effort if you reply more than once each week. I will put up one general dicussion topic about something we are reading and you must comment on it or something else one of your classmates has said.

Things to write about in your partner switch!

1. read all your partner's responses/letters
2. work on writing them back on their page
3. compliment something that you like in their letters
4. feedback/suggestions of things in their letters
5. ask them questions about what they're reading
6. recommend books